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Adam Baker is the best DAF technician in Europe

Tirsdag 12. april 2016 kl: 12:01

Af: Editorial

The 'DAF European Technician of the Year 2016’ award has been won by Adam Baker (31), who works at the Chassis Cab Truck Centre dealership in Ipswich, UK. The European final, which consisted of various assignments and tests, took place at DAF Trucks in Eindhoven. The trophy was presented by Johan Drenth, After Sales Director of DAF Trucks N.V.

Adam Baker is the best DAF technician in Europe
Johan Drenth, After Sales Director of DAF Trucks N.V. (right) presented the trophy to a very happy Adam Baker
During the European final, the sixteen finalists demonstrated their skills in several  theoretical and practical cases in which they had to solve complex malfunctions on engine and vehicle systems.

- DAF organizes the ‘European Technician of the Year’ competition’ to underline the importance of professional workshop technicians, says Johan Drenth. 

- It is primarily a recognition of their profession. Modern trucks are high-tech vehicles and a broad and deep technical knowledge is required to be able to work on them. In addition, the technician is the business card in the workshop of the DAF dealer and he or she plays an important role when it comes to customer satisfaction. It's all about delivering service and quality down to the smallest detail.

DAF European Technician of the Year
DAF dealers throughout Europe may enter their technicians for the 'DAF European Technician of the Year’ competition. The competition consists of two parts. In the first year, entrants compete for the national title in each country. The following year, the winners from each country compete against each other during the European final.

Adam Baker - who has worked for six years at the Chassis Cab Truck Centre dealership in Ipswich - was completely surprised by his victory. 

- I could hardly believe it when I was chosen as the best DAF Technician in Britain last year, he says. 

- And now I'm the best in Europe.

What in his view characterizes a good technician. His answer is short but clear: 

- An in-depth, all-round product knowledge. And above all, a lot of dedication.

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